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Running on E "E: for empty, fuels make her vomit, she has begun a systematic test of all fuels and recounting when the hurling moment occurs.


This Girl Eats to Run A professed foodie puts Island Boost to the test


Crystal Fun to Race A professional archer and avid runner discovers a surprise PR

Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat A runner who is not into chocolate fuels. How will this turn out?


Undercover Diva A runner who has felt the unhappy side effects of fueling dares to try Chocolate Island Boost

The Girl's Got Sole A journalist and comic finds out what Chocolate Island Boost does for her


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1 Why don't I "feel" anything, but I can keep going and going? 1330
2 Why does Island Boost seem to have so much potassium? 2579
3 Why don't you add vitamins to Island Boost? 982
4 Who should use Island Boost? 1599
5 I'm a cyclist - Is Island Boost for me? 1566
6 Why don't you have a recovery protein product? 1805
7 How should I use Island Boost? 2044
8 What is the difference between glucose, fructose and maltodextrin? 4570
9 Can Island Boost be used by non-endurance athletes? 1892
10 Is Island Boost safe for children? 1774


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